Bergdahl and Alan Gross, the One Who Did Not Walk Away

I have been trying to stay away from the story of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the chap who we traded Taliban murderers for, and who knows what else.

The spin doctors tried to put out a story that the Sargent’s health was rapidly declining and that freeing him was an urgent matter for the administration.  They also characterized, and continue to say, that Bergdahl fell into the hands of the enemy while he was on patrol, leaving open the suggestion that either he was in the front or at the rear of a line of soldiers on patrol in the wilderness of Afghanistan.

But it seems that story was false.  The truth is that Bergdahl was not on patrol.  He had been on guard duty around a FOB, or Forward Operating Base. and seems to have disappeared shortly after completing his guard assignment.   According to what his comrades at the outpost say, Bergdahl left behind his weapon and his body armor, all arranged in a neat stack, and walked off, taking with him only his compass.   Where would he have been going in the middle of the night?

It would seem likely that either Bergdahl knew more or less where the “enemy” was, or he had some prior contact perhaps through a third party to give him instructions on what to do and where to go and who to meet. We don’t know that any of this is the case, but it seems bizarre to just wander off and take your chances, since the perimeter of this FOB was far from secure and all the soldiers on the base knew that they were in harm’s way.

So too does the story seem false that the trade was made for Bergdahl because he was ill.  The administration has suggested that he lost a lot of weight, or that he was suffering some incurable illness.

The Associated Press reports as follows on the health issue: ” ‘Had we waited and lost him,’ said national security adviser Susan Rice, ‘I don’t think anybody would have forgiven the United States government.’ She said he had lost considerable weight and faced an “acute” situation. Yet she also said he appeared to be ‘in good physical condition.’ ”

If he was in good physical condition, then we are to suppose he had a mental problem?  How could that be diagnosed in conversations with a kid who in talking to his father only spoke in Pashto, claiming he had “forgotten” English, his native language?

The AP also reports that  two administration officials said that the Taliban may have been concerned about his health, as well, since the U.S. had sent the message that it would respond harshly if any harm befell him in captivity.

There is a serious problem with what the unidentified administration officials are saying.  Bergdahl was not a prisoner of the Taliban.  He was a “prisoner” of the Haqqani Network.  While the Taliban and the Haqqani Network sometimes work together, the Haqqani is also closely linked to al-Qaeda and is probably the organization that facilitated Osama bin Laden’s transfer from Afghanistan to Pakistan.   So it is fair to ask, what did the Haqqani network get out of the deal with Washington?  Certainly not the release of five Taliban terrorists.  Was it money?  Or something else?

Finally, the AP reports that in 2010 the Defense Department concluded that Bergdahl walked away from his post, and this led to a decision to call off the active hunt for him.  Instead of rescuing him, says the AP, the Defense Department would use only diplomatic means to get him released if at all possible.

The release of terrorists in exchange for a U.S. soldier paints a target on the back of every American soldier.  The Taliban, well aware of their great victory over the United States and the American military, are making their success loud and clear.  Every tin horn terrorist now knows that he (or she) can benefit by snagging an American soldier.

Today there are Americans who are incarcerated where, it seems, the administration has done nothing.  The case of Alan Gross, who worked for the State Department, is a case in point.  He was “convicted” and thrown into a Cuban prison in 2009.  It would be easy to get him back if we traded some jailed Cuban spies in the U.S. for him.  But the administration, despite the pleas of the Gross family and many in the Jewish community who worked with Alan trying to aid Jews in Cuba,  has not brought Alan home.  He was working for them and he did not walk away.


Addendum: I want to call reader’s attention to a devastating story carried in the London Daily Mail newspaper.  The story tells of an Army officer who died trying to “rescue” Bergdahl from his captors in 2009.

Also please visit –this is the website to help free Alan Gross.  He deserves to be free.

There is one further point that needs to be made.  The “freeing” of Bergdahl is obviously a cover for something else.  Bergdahl is a little fish in a much bigger pond.  What the administration is actually doing is negotiating a deal with the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.  I feel really certain this is the case.   The Bergdahl father had a channel to the Taliban, and I think the administration wanted to use this “innocent” seeming channel to negotiate something far bigger.  All the rest is simply noise, but the noise is unfortunately terribly harmful to the families who have suffered over the Bergdahl matter, and the prisoners who remain prisoners, because the administration has no interest in them, the most obvious case, Alan Gross.

The State Department has rejected any exchange for Alan Gross.  See





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