Life Out of Comets and Our Future

by Stephen Bryen

Lawrence Livermore scientist Nir Goldman has been predicting that comets may have carried prebiotic materials to earth which, in collision, formed amino acids which form the basis of life. The comet materials include water (in the form of ice), ammonia, methanol and carbon monoxide. Now an international team of scientists in the United Kingdom tested the Goldman hypothesis by firing a high speed projectile into comet-like materials. The shock of the impact created amino acid materials.

As this is written a huge comet, named ISON, has emerged from behind the sun. It is still not known what will become of this comet –it can break up coming too close to the sun, or it can continue its travel. Scientists say that the comet will miss the earth by millions of miles.

But ISON and the Goldman experiments bring home a concept about the vagaries of outer space and the role comets have in creating life.

Consider, for example, that life can be created from the shock of an impact of a comet. It means, among other things, that if the planetary conditions to support life exist, then life can be created and recreated by disturbances in the universe, and not only on earth but literally in any solar system.

Most modern science is built around the notion that it takes billions of years and a slow process for life to develop and for species to evolve. This may yet hold true, but it is also possible that life can be reinvented and restarted, and even if there is evolution there is also shock and awe.

Beginning before World War II, Immanuel Velikovsky came to the conclusion that our earth was hit by at least one, and probably more than one comet which had huge consequences, almost wiping out life on earth and setting in motion a period of instability, orbital change, and vast upheavals on earth. He reached this conclusion by reading ancient source materials where the events were recorded –including the Bible which records the escape of the Hebrews from Egypt and momentous events, some described as plagues, and others as miracles such as the parting of the Red Sea and manna from heaven. Velikovsky believes that manna was, in fact, organic material thrown off by the comet that collided or nearly collided with the earth. The shock came from both the near collision, which disturbed earth’s orbit and polar orientation, and from huge electrical discharges between the comet and earth –shock and awe.

Velikovsky was targeted by scientists in the United States who attacked his findings without putting any of them to the test. Velikovsky was a close friend of Albert Einstein, and in the last weeks of Einstein’s life the great scientist began to see how Velikovsky’s theories were being proved out by scientific data gathered by space probes. A few other scientists were willing to take a look at Velikovsky’s findings and discoveries, but the level of hostility to him and to his work was so great that he was treated as a heretic and, had burning at the stake been available in 1950, Velikovsky would surely have been burned.

This sort of brutal gang psychosis by scientists is not anything new. We see a lot of it at work today in discussions over climate change. Velikovsky, himself a psychiatrist , understood the phenomena even though he was never prepared for the intensity of the attacks on his work. Velikovsky was one of the world’s most original thinkers, but he was also human and vulnerable.

If we link together what Goldman and others are finding, reconsider Velikovsky, and start to ask the right questions, a great deal can be learned. We might begin to visualize alternative futures as well as re-understand our past. This is an adventure of great importance, and scientists should embrace the opportunity and not wage war against the messengers.

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