The UN Report on Syrian Chemicals is Out –No Evil Doers

by Stephen Bryen

The UN Report on Syrian chemical weapons ( United Nations Mission to Investigate Allegations of the Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic: Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus on 21 August 2013) is out.

The Report confirms the heavy use of sarin against the Syrian population in the Ghouta Area of Damascus. 

The Report also contains valuable information on the weapon use, which is contained in Annex 5 of the Report.  The weapon found by the UN inspectors was a rocket that carried between 56 and 62 liters of sarin, a huge amount.  

The Report shows the rocket components that were found at the site the UN inspected.  The report clearly states that the warhead portion of the rocket was not found in the crater where the remains of the rocket were found.  The supposition of the inspectors was that the warhead probably burst its chemical payload somewhere above the building, and that the rocket itself hit part of the building and impacted outside.  The report includes photos of the rocket and shows its markings (the number 97-179 clearly visible).

This particular rocket is of Russian or Iranian manufacture.  It is a very unusual design, to support the very heavy warhead.  The entire munition is 2800 mm long and at least 333 mm in diameter.  (This information is not in the Report.)

The rocket with the warhead was likely launched on a platform called the Falaq-2.  Information about the Falaq-2 can be found at

Video of the launching of the munition is available and can be found on the same page noted above.  Present at the launching are red beret Syrian soldiers. You will also notice a sophisticated, large vehicle of western manufacture that is used to place the rocket onto the launcher.  

The UN Report does not name names  –there is no Syrian Army, or Russians, or Iranians.  It is as if none of them even exists.

This shows the futility of the UN and should give us ample warning that any supervision of the Syrian arsenal, as contemplated in the US-Russian agreement, is doomed to fail because the “inspectors” and “supervisors” will see no evil, hear no evil, and find no evil doers.

The UN reports a war crime without any war criminals!  How inventive.  How disgusting.



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