A Question About The Bomb Making Magazine

NBC has published an important article (http://openchannel.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/26/17932143-exclusive-government-doc-shows-how-closely-boston-marathon-bombers-followed-al-qaeda-plans?lite) that says the Boston terrorists followed the bomb making advice of the al-Qaeda online magazine, ironically called Inspire.

Inspire Al Qaeda Magazine

Inspire Al Qaeda Magazine

The article, called “How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom,” outlines a scheme using pressure cookers, igniters, and shrapnel just as done by the Boston Marathon bombers.

But here is a question.

Since 2001 at least, the U.S. government has been doing everything it can to destroy al-Qaeda.  It is an open question whether the billions we have spent so far has done the job.  It is true we got rid of Bin Laden and a bunch of his henchmen and operatives.  But al-Qaeda remains a force in many places, including the Arabian Peninsula and north Africa, and in the Middle East as we now see (again) in Iraq and Syria.

There are many reasons why al-Qaeda persists –it appeals to a significant segment of Islamic radicals and so seems to have little problem recruiting replacements for the terrorists we have managed to kill or capture.  Another reason is that some governments are protecting the al-Qaeda operation –you can guess who they are by remembering who was behind 9/11.

al Qaed on the Arabian Peninsula

al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula

So we have a self-regenerating, government(s) protected organization wreaking havoc.  And they publish a magazine on the web that tells their potential and actual recruits how to kill innocent people.

Why, then, does the United States with all its cyber fighting capability, and the billions we are spending on both defensive and “offensive” operations, not take down the al-Qaeda (and affiliates) web sites?

There is no reason for Inspire to be allowed to stay online.  You can listen to all the excuses you want –such as they will just put up another site, we learn who goes to the site and it gives us counter terrorism leads, etc.  Don’t believe any of the muck.  If it was at all true, the guys in Boston would long ago have been in jail.  Even the Russians, with countless pleas to the FBI and CIA, could not get anything done.

The fact is we have really poor leadership in Washington, who don’t act when they should, and can’t get off their rear ends to come up with a strategy that gets much beyond sending in the drones.

Well you can’t use drones in Boston, and you should not let al-Qaeda dominate in the public communications space.  Surely someone in Washington can figure this out.

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