by Stephen Bryen

The SENTRI advanced gunshot detection system, that instantly sends a picture of the shooter to the police, has dramatic and proven results in cutting community gun violence as validated results in Illinois and California show.  “An incredible bit of engineering” says National Geographic.

An advanced technology gunshot detection system called SENTRI has dramatic and proven results in cutting gang gun violence in communities according to validated results in Chicago, Illinois and Richmond,California.

The SENTRI system can be mounted on telephone poles, buildings and is available in portable form.  It can even work mounted on police cars and other vehicles.

SENTRI is in use around America such as in Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Baltimore, Maryland, Charlotte, North Carolina and Wilmington, Delaware.

SENTRI is now available from SDB Partners LLC .

SENTRI is a neural-network based gunshot detection system with a 360 degree camera that zooms in on a shooter the moment a gun is fired.  Immediately notifying police with a photo of the person firing the gun, SENTRI performs as a silent proactive witness.

SENTRI has proven results in dramatically reducing crime even in heavy crime areas and can positively reinforce the national Department of Justice sponsored  Project Safe Neighborhoods program.

The FBI says “Gangs are expanding, evolving and posing an increasing threat to US communities nationwide. Many gangs are sophisticated criminal networks with members who are violent, distribute wholesale quantities of drugs, and develop and maintain close working relationships with members and associates of transnational criminal/drug trafficking organizations.”

The FBI’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment reveals the following:

***There are approximately 1.4 million active street, prison, and OMG gang members comprising more than 33,000 gangs in the United States. Gang membership increased most significantly in the Northeast and Southeast regions, although the West and Great Lakes regions boast the highest number of gang members. Neighborhood-based gangs, hybrid gang members, and national-level gangs such as the Sureños are rapidly expanding in many jurisdictions. Many communities are also experiencing an increase in ethnic-based gangs such as African, Asian, Caribbean, and Eurasian gangs.

***Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others, according to NGIC analysis. Major cities and suburban areas experience the most gang-related violence. Local neighborhood-based gangs and drug crews continue to pose the most significant criminal threat in most communities. Aggressive recruitment of juveniles and immigrants, alliances and conflict between gangs, the release of incarcerated gang members from prison, advancements in technology and communication, and Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization (MDTO) involvement in drug distribution have resulted in gang expansion and violence in a number of jurisdictions.

The Justice Department created Project Safe Neighborhoods to try and deal with neighborhood related crime by greater citizen education and more vigorous prosecution of criminals.  The program has had some success, but it could have far better results with better tools.  SENTRI is a tool that meets the security needs of the community and has been proven to reduce gun-linked crime in bad neighborhoods.

In a special TV program done by National Geographic, SENTRI was shown installed in Richmond, California .  A particular section of Richmond, known as the Easter Hills Housing Project, was a particularly high crime high gun incidence area, a place where the police would only go with substantial backup.  With SENTRI installed, the crime rate plummeted and Easter Hills, now re-named Richmond Village, has become a safe area.  As the Richmond police say, with SENTRI “we will get a face” and catch the felon.  National Geographic called SENTRI “an incredible bit of engineering” and there has been no gun crime in the neighborhood since the system was installed.

SENTRI was part of Chicago’s “Operation Disruption” which focused on the placement of video cameras equipped with gunshot detection capability in downtown Chicago.  The Chicago Sun-Times reported that during the first seven months of Operation Disruption serious crime in the areas was down 17%.

SENTRI achieves pro-actively exactly what is needed to cut down on gun crime and lets programs such as Project Safe Neighborhoods achieve its goals.

SENTRI’s technology is the most cost-effective approach to gunshot detection because it requires the fewest number of units to cover an area and can be combined with other linked technologies including automatic license plate readers (ALPR) and facial recognition.  The SENTRI system is partnered with Elsag North America , America’s leading ALPR company and with FaceFirst® (Airborne Biometrics Group, Inc.) of Camarillo, California for face recognition.  SENTRI can also be trained to “hear” shouts for help and can keep its cameras operating providing vital evidence for police and law enforcement.


SENTRI in Los Angeles
SENTRI in Los Angeles[Download]
SENTRI  on Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco
SENTRI on Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco[Download]


"An incredible bit of Engineering"
“An incredible bit of Engineering”
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