Ziklag Systems names James Swanson its chief intelligence officer

Government Security News

Wed, 2012-05-16 04:14 PM

James Swanson

Ziklag Systems has appointed James Swanson as its chief intelligence officer. Swanson brings a strong background in government intelligence operations and private industry experience to the effort by Ziklag Systems to combat phone spying.

Ziklag Systems is a mobile security company, based in Washington, DC, that specializes in removing spy phone bugs from mobile smart phones. The company offers services to government agencies and sensitive critical infrastructure industries to stop foreign hacking of smart phones.

Swanson has thirty years of experience in national security, intelligence, defense, proliferation/counter-proliferation, and technology security, according to a news release issued by Ziklag on May 15. Swanson is a retired naval intelligence officer who served with Middle East Forces (Bahrain, now U.S. 5th Fleet) during the Iran-Iraq war, and with the U.S. Seventh Fleet Staff in Japan. During his naval career he was chief of staff for one of the analytical divisions at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and deputy intelligence officer on several naval fleet staffs. Swanson has also had tours of duty with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

He joined the Defense Technology Security Administration, where he worked on high technology espionage issues, until his retirement from the Defense Department.

Swanson was a member of the original staff of the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission, where he led efforts to analyze China’s military programs and deal with alleged Chinese theft of U.S. technology and sensitive weapons and defense information.
Swanson also has significant industry experience. He was senior vice president for operations at Finmeccanica North America, Inc., a global aerospace and defense contractor, where he provided leadership on defense and homeland security acquisitions by Finmeccanica companies in the U.S., and supported business development for Finmeccanica’s operating companies. He successfully gained Finmeccanica’s participation in the R2-3G program, the U. S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Rapid Response Program.

Tom Malatesta, COO of Ziklag Systems, said, “Jim Swanson’s addition to our team helps to position Ziklag Systems at the core of our government and intelligence centers, where the threat of mobile smart phone compromise is very great. Swanson is talented in being a qualified analyst who understands the threat, and a practical businessman who can help government agencies put in place programs to mitigate or stop spyphones and other smart phone intrusions.”

Ziklag Systems calls itself an up-and-coming provider of special security software targeted to sensitive government organizations and critical infrastructure industry. Its mission is to try to stop foreign control over smart phones, which dominate today’s marketplace, and offer a gateway into government and industry computer networks and facilitate “phishing” operations against top government and industry leaders.

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