A Unique Entrepreneur is Behind a Powerful Security Technology –Sally Fernandez’s Visionary Approach

Safety Dynamics CEO

Sally Fernandez & her SENTRI System

Presented by SDB Partners LLC 

Sally Fernandez is President and CEO of Safety Dynamics, a high technology security company based in Tucson, Arizona.  The company is rapidly making strong inroads in the security and defense communities because of its innovative gunshot detection system.  Unlike all other systems, the Safety Dynamics technology is based on Dynamic Synapse Neural Network (DSNN)technology developed by the Laboratory for Neural Dynamics at the University of Southern California .  It is the only gunshot detection system founded on neurobiology principles of brain signal processing, and allows, like the human brain, accurate temporal pattern recognition of acoustic signals even in the presence of high noise.

Gunshot detection systems are used mainly in noisy urban settings and in military applications, often in unattended locations.  The accuracy and reliability of the system is, therefore, critically important.  Safety Dynamics product, the SENTRI system, is rapidly being adopted across the United States and abroad because of its unique capability.  The system has fired the imagination of the Pentagon, which is helping to sponsor Fernandez’s technology, and the technology has generated news programs and special videos, most recently from National Geographic.

When SENTRI “hears” a gunshot it zooms a camera directly to the source and immediately transmits information about the event and the shooter to law enforcement or military users.  This dramatically shortens the time it takes to respond to a firearms-related event, and it gives the police important information about the shooter including an image that can show the face of the perpetrator.

In January, Safety Dynamics and Face First, a leading California facial recognition company, have added advanced face recognition technology to the gunshot detector, making it possible to immediately match a shooter’s face to known databases of criminals in police files.  This will even further shorten the time between a shooting event and the apprehension of the shooter.

Sally Fernandez, the founder of Safety Dynamics, is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a strong security background. She has played important roles in past years with Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Anheuser-Busch and Hughes Aircraft. She is a graduate of Michigan State University where last year she was selected as the Alumni of the Year in Social Science, and a graduate of the Harvard University Executive Development Program.  A chapter in the book Latinas in the Workplace: An Emerging Leadership Force is focused on Sally’s achievement. (The book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers and is published by Stylus Publishing.)

Sally has been recognized as Small Business Leader of the Year, Hispanic Business Woman of the Year, Women of Influence, Women on the Move, Notable Hispanic American Women, and Who’s Who in Hispanic Americans.  She serves on the Board of Trustees of the United Way of America and is a member of the Tucson Airport Authority and the Tucson and Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“Probably the best thing about Safety Dynamics is that a powerful technology underlies the system,” says Dr. Stephen Bryen, President of SDB Partners LLC and former head of the Defense Technology Security Administration at the Pentagon. “Not only is the SENTRI product series catching on in the law enforcement community and spreading across the U.S., but the technology is a growing significance for protecting critical infrastructure, government installations, and in fielded military applications. At the end of the day our country will owe a lot to Sally Fernandez and her visionary approach.”

For more information and videos on Safety Dynamics visit  http://www.safetydynamics.net

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