Waterfall Security -Protection for Critical Infrastructure and SCADA

Episode A07

Dr. Stephen Bryen, Host

Sponsor: SDB Partners LLC (www.sdb-partners.com) “Powerful Access to Hard Markets”

Waterfall Security Solutions, located at Rosh Ha`Ayin in Israel (about 15 minutes from Tel Aviv) is a security company that has a patented security solution for critical infrastructure such as power plants, water suppliers, refineries, utilities and other industrial and military systems that need strong protection from electronic intrusions.

The Waterfall solution is a unidirectional security gateway and data diodes for process control systems, SCADA systems, remote monitoring and segregated networks. When implemented it enables secure and real time data transfer from critical networks to external/business networks.

The key technology is a fiber-optic air gap that prevents any possibility of an intruder being able to cross over into the protected computer/controller system. Already deployed in around 40% of U.S. conventional and nuclear power plants, the Waterfall technology, when combined with strong internal computer and personnel security procedures, offers extremely strong protection.

The company was founding by Lior Frenkel, a specialist with over fifteen years of large scale software and hardware research development. In 2001 Lior co-founded Gita Technologies Ltd., a high end security research and development company serving the

CEO Waterfall Security Solutions

Lior Frenkel

defense and military markets. In 2005 the Waterfall Product line was spun off from the parent company and Waterfall Security Solutions was established. The company now operates world wide. A U.S. subsidiary provides marketing and technical support to customers.

Waterfall says that its security gateways include inherent integration with existing infrastructure, for example with OSIsoft PI, GE Proficy iHistorian, OPC, Modbus, DNP3 and numerous other SCADA and industrial applications and protocols.

In the U.S. Waterfall Security Solutions can be reached at (212) 714-6058. The company website is www.waterfallsecurity.com

For more information contact Waterfall Security Solutions or call SDB-Partners at 1-202-507-9086

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