Gunshot Detection Technology

Episode A01  

Host: Dr. Stephen D. Bryen

Sponsor: SDB Partners LLC ( “Powerful Access to Hard Markets”

The Kennedy Assassination and new Gunshot Detection Technology

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In Episode A01 we revisit the Kennedy assassination event on November 22, 1963.  We listen to recordings gleaned from police radios.  At that time, the Dallas police had two radio channels -one that was the normal channel for police activity, and a second channel that was set up to cover the Kennedy visit and track the motorcade as it passed through downtown Dallas.  The second channel, like the first, radio transmissions into a dictating machine –in the case of Channel two to an Audograph machine made by the Gray company. Gray Audograph Dictation machines recorded dictation onto blue flexible records / soundsheets by embossing a groove into the plastic. The records can be played on a regular phonograph, but the speed will be incorrect. The disc are recorded inside out with Constant Linear Velocity.

File:Gray Audograph.jpgThe Gray Audograph (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The most important and controversial recording is of what appears to be gunshots.  There are four gunshots sounds, two and then a short pause of less than two seconds and then two more.  The recording is controversial because if it is, in fact, the actual shooting of President Kennedy, the fourth shot would have to have come from a location different than the Dallas Book Depository Building, perhaps from the famous “grassy knoll” that borders Dealey Plaza.  This is the only sound recording of the assassination.

File:Newman Family.jpg

The Newman Family dive to the ground during the shooting.  The “grassy knoll” is behind them. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Not too much has changed since that time, except that virtually every camera and smart phone can record both video and sound.  While that might help tell us how many shots were made on that fateful day, we still don’t know the location of the shots.

But there is a new technology that can be mobile, and alert police and secret service officers to any incident, gunshot or otherwise.  The technology is  from a Tucson, Arizona company called Safety Dynamics.  Our guest today is the CEO of Safety Dynamics, Sally Fernandez.

Sally Fernandez

For more information, please contact SDB Partners at (202)507-9086 or write to Dr. Stephen Bryen at stephen.bryen@gmail.comYou can listen to Sally Fernandez explain the technology and even listen to the historical recordings on our audio channel.

Audio link for this podcast as at the top of this entry.


Stephen Bryen is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Safety Dynamics.


Music Credits: ‘Light Sting’ Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Dallas Police Gunshot Recording: Wikimedia Commons

Dallas Police “Go to Hospital” at

CBS-TV Coverage Kennedy Assassination (

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